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5.5mIC World Fleet Online Database


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The concept of this web application dates back to November 2005, and wants to be attempt to track down every boat ever built to the 5.5 meter International Rule (approximately 800 boats) with its current location and owner.Sign up now!

Anybody can contribute by adding informations, gossips, tips, pictures, drawings, rating certificates, racing results, etc… Participation is open to all but is, contrary to Wikipedia, subject to prior registration to avoid abuse and vandalism. The language used on this website is English. Please read our terms of service and conditions of participation for more information.

Please bear in mind that this web application is still work in progress and inconsistencies, errors and missing information are bound to show up here and there. The overall purpose of this web application is to offer the opportunity to the community to correct them.

Many thanks to the sponsors and to all the partners for their contribution.

Latest contributions

GER-013 - yesterday by Kaspar Stubenrauch
The boat could be a perfect addition to the GER fleet, then rejoining with her 1964 pre-Olympic comp.. [more]
AUS-049 - 2 days ago by Kaspar Stubenrauch
This Ben Lexcen design has again been offered to our sailor friends from Australia, for them to part.. [more]
SUI-152 - 2 days ago by Kaspar Stubenrauch
Recently equipped with a semi-new nova-sail mainsail and a NORTH jib, GER 102 reached a bronce posit.. [more]
SUI-053 - 29.11.2021 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
The present configuration of the cockpit layout and lines' positionings, make the boat perfect for s.. [more]
GBR-038b - 29.11.2021 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
The boat has recently seen a complete upgrade in its cleat&line section, in the cockpit area, prepar.. [more]

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  • Participation is open to all, but subject to registration;
  • Complete the registration form by entering your name and a valid e-mail address (the latter will be your user login);
  • The registration process is complete once you have confirmed the validity of your e-mail address by following the link that appears the registration confirmation e-mail;
  • Once your account activated, login by completing the sign in form in the top right corner of the page;
  • You will then be able to contribute by adding notes, photographs, documents, links or racing results;
  • You can change your mind at any moment and remove the information you have just contributed. Note that you can only delete information you have contributed;
  • You cannot (yet) edit the information you contributed. You must delete it and add it again. Sorry about the inconvenience. This feature will be available in the next version;
  • This web application launched as a beta in September 2007. It is still work in progress. Be kind with it. Please help us to improve the quality of this tool by any bug or updates you may come up with. Thanks in advance for your help and understanding.

Project sponsors

  • Musée du Léman, Nyon, Switzerland
  • International 5.5 Metre Class Swiss Fleet
  • Bahamas Sailing Association
  • Internationale Klasse Nederland 5.5
  • Deutsche Klassenvereinigung der internationalen 5.5m Klasse
  • Veritas Skadeförsäkring
  • Association Française des 5.5mJl

Current statistics

Table of overall database statistics
Boats 732
Countries 34
Designers 126
Builders 183

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5.5 NED 31

Modified by Kaspar Stubenrauch

Latest photos

5.5 SR 57 5.5 GER 102 Posillipo III Posillipo III Posillipo III Posillipo III Posillipo III 5.5 GER 110 5.5 GER 11

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