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5.5mIC World Fleet Online Database


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Make a difference

Dear contributor

This 5.5 mIC Inventory database is working so well due to your generous participation in time and information's sharing, but, as for the gazoline for the engines, the tank should be maintened in the positive balance by found raising to allow making maintainance and developpement.

Today, we are very proud of the success and the results of this database, which has already identified and listed since the launch in Sept. 2007 :

  • over 736 original built boats
  • of which 1173 sail numbers issued from 34 countries, including surprisingly South Africa, Equator and other forgotten ones;
  • 184 boat builders from 18 different countries;
  • 131 designers;
  • 760 registered users who have contributed to fill up the Inventory;
  • more than 875'000 visited pages from more than 45'000 visits !
  • the necessity to change the saturated server in 2009 for a bigger one !

This success has been possible thanks to the generous and free contributions from all of the 760 users, but also and preponderantly thanks to the funding provided by our sponsors (listed on the left) that have paid the code programmer work and the server management.

But this is the past, we have now to ensure the future of this knowledge-sharing project !


Your donation would be then greatly appreciated, even modest (€20, €50, ...) or you could also be a sponsor by displaying the name of your company on the home page (size rate is € 0.20 per pixel). Every little bit helps.


The "5.5mIC" association banking references are:

IBAN CH36 0900 0000 1730 9774 4
Swiss Post
CH-3030 Bern


You will soon be able to use PayPal.

5.5m IC Inventory is a non-profit association. Every welcomed Euro is re-invested in the maintainance and in the developpement of the database. No salaries are paid, the members of the committee are all volunteers. The way the funds are used is completely transparent and accessible anytime (by members) at

We would like to thank you in advance to participate to prolong this success in the long term.

All the best.

On behalf of the Committee,
Sebastien Schmidt,

Project sponsors

  • Musée du Léman, Nyon, Switzerland
  • International 5.5 Metre Class Swiss Fleet
  • Bahamas Sailing Association
  • Internationale Klasse Nederland 5.5
  • Deutsche Klassenvereinigung der internationalen 5.5m Klasse
  • Veritas Skadeförsäkring
  • Association Française des 5.5mJl

Current statistics

Table of overall database statistics
Boats 736
Countries 34
Designers 131
Builders 184

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