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Table of details and specifications of ZZZ-003
  Designer unknown
  Builder unknown
  1st certificate issued 0000-00-00
  Original boat name Sjöfågel
  Original country ZZZ
  Original sail number 003
  Current location Cape Cod (USA)


Mystery boat - could she be "Quail" - 29.04.2018 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
Another boat with Swedish origin and a bird name is 5.5 USA 14 "Quail", last located on the US-Eastcoast. The stern does not match exactly, but could have been modified, over time. Anyone holding a "Quail" certificate of rating?
Rush IV converted to cruising boat - 26.07.2017 by Franz Schneider
Sometime around 1970, I raced with John Rousmaniere in the three-day Seawanhaka cruise aboard Rush IV, which had been converted to a cruising boat with bunks, a head, and a galley. It's likely she was still owned by Victor Sheronas. Seeing the photos of this mystery boat reminds me of the converted Rush IV because she had several portholes in the small cabin. I will try to get more details from John.
Mystery boat - 5.5m, 5m, 6mR or else? - 17.09.2008 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
From the images one could assume that she is an Int.5.5m, but then she would have been built after 1949. If we take the Swedish "Sjöfågel" (Seabird) name which was mentioned as a basis for research, we have these 5.5's either with seabird names or with "Sjö=Sea" in the name, built in Sweden:

5.5 S 1 "Sjöhäxa"
This boat was sold to the USA, to become 5.5 US-2 "Sjohaxa"

5.5 S 20 "Sjörået"
"Sjörået" is Swedish, meaning "Seasprite".

5.5 S 21 "Svalan"
"Svalan" is Swedish, meaning "Swallow".

Then, we have the boats with no "Sjö" in the name, but sold to the USA or to Canada:

5.5 S 9 "Zita V"
Was apparently sold to Detroit.

5.5 S 10 "Rush IV"
This boat was sold to the USA, however the stern is not as narrow as in the pictures.

5.5 S 13 "Talatta"
Sold to Canada, last seen in Toronto

5.5 S 17 "Ian IX"
Sold to Canada

Back to the original assumption, that the boat is from the 30's, then she could be an Int.5m. For a 6mR she seems to be too small and light.

The measurements in metres: LOA 9,32m, LWL 6,86m, Depth: 1,37m, Width: 1,98m.

Please do comment!
Dates and Rules... - 18.08.2008 by Site Administrator
If the mentionned date of 1936 is confirmed, then she's not a 5.5mIC as the first version of the Rules has been published by IYRU in 1949, but may be a 5mIC, which rules are dated 1930 ?
Who knows ?
Please feel free to contribute.
Message received from Karl Anderson on 04.08.08 - 18.08.2008 by Site Administrator
We have recently come into possession here at our boat shop in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We were wondering if you can help us identify her and give us some history on her if you can.
Her stats are:
LOA 30’ 4 ¾”
LWL 22’6”
Draft 4’6”
Beam 6’6”

What little information we do have is that she might be a 5.5 metar “Sjofagle” “Sea Bird”. And she might have been built for the son of the king of Sweden for the 1936 Olympics. Then she was oned by Leslie Montgomery/Richard Barno from 1984-1989. Then by Tom Duce and now Karl Anderson here at Karls Boat Shop.

If you can in any way help us try to identify her with who and what she is, or if you can not help but can direct me to who might know anything that would be great.

Thank you,
Karl Anderson
Karls Boat Shop
Cape Cod, USA

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Mystery boat - 5.5m, 5m, 6mR or else?

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