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Table of details and specifications of USA-029
  Designer John B. Mooney
  Builder Bjarne Aas (NOR)
  Material Mahogany, carvel planked
  1st certificate issued 1961-07-07
  Original boat name Ariadne
  Original country USA
  Original sail number 029
  Current location


KC 29 - 05.02.2015 by Susan Hamilton

KC 29 was the Canadian number. Heiti Roman bought her from Stan Leibel and sailed & won lots of races up until 1968 or 1969 after the class was taken out of the olyimpics
Designer not Luders - 08.05.2013 by John Mooney
USA 029 – Ariadne – Ariadne was not designed by Bill Luders, but by my father, John B. Mooney. Like many of my father’s boats, Luders’ yard in Stamford, CT did keep her in the winter, and did a good deal of work on her, but I watched her being drawn while I played in my Dad’s office as a small child. Incidentally, it was Ariadne that Olin Stephens took the lines from for the design of the Shields class boat. My father was involved in the project at first, but since Ariadne had significant tumblehome in her hull, her topsides had to be significantly redrawn to remove the tumblehome and allow the Shields to be made of fiberglass and removed from a mold, which made her heavier. Then her sailplan was determined to be too much for club sailors to manage, and her mast was shortened and running backstays removed. At that point, my father became frustrated with the project and withdrew, and Mr. Stephens finished it himself (Mr. Stephens confirmed this to me several years ago in a chance meeting).
5.5 US-29 "Ariadne" - Designed by Luders - 15.06.2009 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
Matti informs: This is Luders design #1013 L5.5#11
5.5 US-29 - exported to Canada - 15.06.2009 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
The boat went to Canada, the new owner was Stan Leibel. Which Canadian sailnumber did she get?

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Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of USA-029
Sail# Boat name Owner name
USA-029 "Ariadne" John B. Mooney (1961-?)  
CAN-029 "Ariadne" Stan Leibel & Weiss (1963-?)  
CAN-029 "Ariadne" Heiti Roman (?-1969)  

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