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Table of details and specifications of SWE-031
  Designer Arvid Laurin (SWE)
  Builders Boatbuilder Liikane, Liikane, Hisings-kärra (SWE)
  Material Mahogany, carvel planked
  1st certificate issued 1960
  Original boat name Favorita IV
  Original country SWE
  Original sail number 031
  Current location Brest, La Bretagne (FRA)


Sold, now in Brittany - 13.08.2010 by Gurvan Jaouen
Favorita has been bought by Tugdual Jaouen on the 28th July 2010.
She sailed for the first time in the french waters around Noirmoutier Island the day after.
Her new homeport is now Brest, at the western end of Brittany.
She should be now FRA 54...
S31 - 08.03.2008 by Jens Busch
At least from 1963 Bo Callert is the owner and the name of the boat is then Lalita II.

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Oct 2020 winter storage

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of SWE-031
Sail# Boat name Owner name
SWE-031 "Favorita IV" Tage Andersson (1960-1963)  
SWE-031 "Lalita II" Bo Callert (1963-2001)  
SWE-031 "Favorita" Börje Gustafsson (2001-?)  
FRA-054 "Favorita IV" Tugdual Jaouen (2010-?)  

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