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Table of details and specifications of SUI-193
  Designer Sebastien Schmidt (SUI)
  Builders Josi Steinmayer, Meilen, ZH, Steinmayer Bootswerft, Meilen, ZH (SUI)
  Material Sandwich glass epoxy PVC foam
  1st certificate issued 1995-06-02
  Original boat name Ali-Baba
  Original country SUI
  Original sail number 193
  Current location Kanton Luzern, Sempachersee (SUI)


Project story - 15.04.2014 by Sebastien Schmidt
SUI-193 was a brand new and fresh hull design built by Josi Steinmayer during winter 1994-1995. The fundamentals have been studied together and in the same time with SUI-190 design, but while SUI-190 design was searching polyvalence and all around abilities, SUI-190 took another exclusive route (request from the client) to be focused to very light air.
One unit only has been built from this design.
This boat was distinguished by a very low area fin-keel fitted with a trim tab with very long passive fairing strips that was able to reconstitute efficient asymmetrical thick laminar wing sections studied by aero-hydro engineer Remi Laval-Jeantet (see picture).
A funny (but sad) story from the first regatta : the boat has been sailed with the trim tab set to the wrong direction during all the week end, apparently due to a misunderstanding on the ergonomics of the trimming device. On Monday, Josi received the order to change the keel immediately for a classical one, without any further tests of validation with trim tab st in the appropriate direction... Too frustrating after all of these efforts.

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5.5 SUI 193 "Joker" - in Cannes

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of SUI-193
Sail# Boat name Owner name
SUI-193 "Ali-Baba" Bruno Marazzi (1995-?)  
SUI-193 "Nina" Heinz Saurer (1999-?)  
SUI-193 "Nina" H.P. Scherer (?-?)  
SUI-193 "Joker" Not disclosed (?-?)  

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