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Table of details and specifications of SUI-171
  Designers Warren Muir (Australia), Ben Lexcen (AUS)
  Builders Harry C. "Buddy" Melges, Melges Boat Works, Zenda, Wisconsin (USA)
  Material GRP
  1st certificate issued 1990-05-14
  Original boat name Odyssée Jr
  Original country SUI
  Original sail number 171
  Current location Thun (TYC), Lake of Thun (SUI)


Boat built in 1989 - Original or Alias? - 19.12.2017 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
The boat was completed on 30th NOV 1989. The question was, if she was built for Swiss ownership, or if she was 5.5 US-94 originally and only then exported to Switzerland, to become Z-171? The first Swiss certificate was issued on 14th May 1990. The answer is no, as both boats raced against each other, during the World's 1990.
Name correction - 01.03.2009 by Jürg Menzi
"Marie-Françoise XVII" is correct for SUI-217, 2005-2008
"Marie-Françoise XVIII" is correct for SUI-222, 2009-
Current location: - 20.12.2008 by Marc Friderich
Thunersee Yachtclub, Lake of Thun, Switzerland
The "Marie-Françoise" 5.5's (status to date) - 01.05.2008 by Sebastien Schmidt
There has been six 5.5 named "Marie-Françoise" until the mentionned date :
"Marie-Françoise IX" is SUI-171, Lexcen/Melges, 1994-1995,
"Marie-Françoise X" is SUI-194, Meier-Schmidt/Wilke, 1995-1998,
"Marie-Françoise XIV" is SUI-201, Schmidt/Wilke, 1999-2000,
"Marie-Françoise XV" is SUI-204, Schmidt/Wilke, 2001-2004,
"Marie-Françoise XVI" is SUI-217, Schmidt/Wilke, 2005-2007
"Marie-Françoise XVII" is SUI-222, Schmidt/Wilke, 2008-
Name correction - 01.05.2008 by Site Administrator
"Marie-Françoise IX" in place of XII, correction by Seb on 01.05.08.

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On the lake of Thun 2017

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of SUI-171
Sail# Boat name Owner name
SUI-171 "Odyssée Jr" Dominique Lauener (1990-?)  
SUI-171 "Bissbi Jr" Gérard Varésio (?-?)  
SUI-171 "Marie-Françoise IX" Jürg Menzi (1994-1995)  
SUI-171 "??" Rudolf Rüfenacht (1995-2006)  
SUI-171 "Marcandreo III" Marc Friderich (2006-?)  

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