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Table of details and specifications of SUI-125
  Designer Jean Berret (FRA)
  Builders Hermann Egger, Egger H., St.Aubin (SUI)
  Material Cold laminated wood
  1st certificate issued 1980-05-12
  Original boat name Marotte
  Original country SUI
  Original sail number 125
  Current location Newport (RPAYC), Pittwater, NSW (AUS)


"Marotte" has returned to racing - 07.03.2016 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
One of the most beautiful and competitive 5.5m Evolution boats has returned to racing. Now sailing as 5.5 AUS 59 out of Pittwater, "Marotte" has been a recent participant in the Australian Nationals, at VYC.
Note received by Robert Hart, 07 August 2009 - 15.08.2009 by Site Administrator
Dear Seb,
The 5.5 "Marotte", (sail no. SUI 125) formerly owned by Anouk Ferrario from Geneva, has now been given the Australian sail no. AUS 59. Would you be kind enough to add her to the database.
Kind regards,
Robert Hart
Information - 17.09.2007 by Sebastien Schmidt
New appendages designed by Seb Schmidt, first the rudder in 1994 by Decision SA, then the keel in 1998-99 by Anthonet.

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5.5 SUI 125 "Marotte" - World's Crouesty 1994

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of SUI-125
Sail# Boat name Owner name
SUI-125 "Marotte" M. Schürch (1980-1980)  
SUI-125 "Clapotis IX" Max Ratton (1981-1987)  
SUI-125 "Marotte" Anthonet-Ballet (1988-?)  
SUI-125 "Marotte" Ph. Serey or Serex ? (?-?)  
SUI-125 "Marotte" Alfred Marti (?-?)  
SUI-125 "Marotte" Anouck Ferrario (?-?)  
AUS-059 "Marotte" Robert Hart (2008-?)  
GER-106 "Marotte" W.E. Richter (Charter) (2020-2020)  

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