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Table of details and specifications of SUI-041
  Designer Sparkman & Stephens (USA)
  Builders Louis Plojoux, Corsier-Port, Genève (SUI)
  Material Mahogany, carvel planked
  1st certificate issued 1960-08-19
  Original boat name Scatoulitsa II
  Original country SUI
  Original sail number 041
  Current location Prien (YCU), Chiemsee (GER)


5.5 NED 4 to become 5.5 GER 15 again - 27.12.2017 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
For the next season, the boat can be expected on Chiemsee, in Bavaria. Her new homeport will then be Prien. She will be racing as 5.5 GER 15 "Laetitia".
5.5 SUI 41 - by S&S - 05.04.2015 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
S&S design #1590
SUI-41/ NED-4: designer, owners - 31.07.2009 by Frits Kruyt
Scatoulitsa II was designed by Sparkman & Stephens, but not by Olin Stephens himself (information given by S&S to Tom Eijkman for an article published in "Spiegel der Zeilvaart", Jan.-Febr. 2008).

The boat was owned by Walter Kickert from about 1992 to 2002, as NED-4 "Laetitia" (not "Laeticia").
My ownership (under the same boat name) is from 2002 onwards.
"Fortuna III" - 30.01.2008 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
The owner of "Fortuna III" was Emil Hepp, Yachtclub Meersburg, Lake Constance.
The boat was registered with the DSV on 7th of May 1965.

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NED-4 Laetitia during Dutch Open Championships, 2004

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of SUI-041
Sail# Boat name Owner name
SUI-041 "Scatoulitsa II" S. Aga Khan (1960-1963)  
SUI-041 "Trimona" H.L Widmer (1963-?)  
GER-015 "Fortuna III" Emil Hepp (1965-?)  
GER-015 "Trimona" B. Haller (1969-?)  
NED-004 "Laetitia" Walter Kickert (1992-2002)  
NED-004 "Laetitia" Frits Kruijt (2002-2017)  
GER-015 "Laetitia" Martina Baerwaldt (2017-?)  

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