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Table of details and specifications of NOR-057
  Designer Doug Peterson (USA)
  Builders Harry C. "Buddy" Melges, Melges Boat Works, Zenda, Wisconsin (USA)
  Material GRP
  1st certificate issued 1993
  Original boat name Zenda Corn
  Original country NOR
  Original sail number 057
  Current location Newport (RPAYC), Pittwater, NSW (AUS)


5.5 AUS 64 "Black Magic" - now at RPAYC - 27.11.2019 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
The most recent addition to the Australian fleet of 5.5's is this Doug Peterson designed & MELGES built boat, heading for the World's 2020.
NOR-057 a, b and c. - 29.06.2008 by Site Administrator
The sailnumber NOR-057 has been used on three different boats which will wear the extension a, b and c as soon as we'll have implemented the database with the possibility to have extension -a -b, etc for the double or triple numbers.
> NOR-057a is "Zenda Corn" to Kalle Neergard (see
> NOR-057b is SUI-210 "Artemis XII" of Roni Pieper (see which has been chartered sometimes by Kristian Nergaard, the son of Kalle
> NOR-057c is SUI-220 "Artemis XIV" (see When Roni died in 2007, Kristian honored his memory by sailing "Artemis XIV" in the Worlds of San Remo and took the silver medal. SUI-220 was wearing the number NOR-057 for this event and after, as Kristian bought the boat back to Norway.
As soon as we'll have implemented the database with the possibility to have extension -a -b, etc for the double numbers, we'll clarify this.
Precisions about dates of ownership succession - 29.06.2008 by Site Administrator
Source : list by Frits Kruyt, Nov.2007.
Dates of ownership changes - 29.09.2007 by Site Administrator
Dates of ownership changes are approximated on purpose and set up like this only to respect the chronoligical ownership order.
So please share your precisions when you have some new ones !

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5.5 AUS 64 - Black Magic, Newport (RPAYC)

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of NOR-057
Sail# Boat name Owner name
NOR-057 "Zenda Korn" Kalle Nergaard (1993-1998)  
NED-021 "Maitresse" Hans Nadorp (1998-2001)  
NED-021 "Modern Times" Victorine Bredero (2001-2007)  
NED-021 "Isis 2" Not disclosed (2007-2010)  
AHO-001 "Shank" Not disclosed (2010-?)  
AUS-064 "Black Magic" Not disclosed (2019-?)  

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