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Table of details and specifications of NOR-045
  Designer Hans Groop
  Builders Still, Still Yachts, Pietarsaari (FIN)
  Material GRP
  1st certificate issued 1987-04-23
  Original boat name Diva
  Original country NOR
  Original sail number 045
  Current location Schilksee, Firth of Kiel (GER)


More history - 27.04.2011 by Peter Preben Prebensen
The boat is indeed a Hans Groop design, built at Still Yachts 1987. She was rebuilt in 1993, as the bow-profile was altered. She could then carry almost 1m2 more sail. But she hasn`t been a very successful regatta competitor, probably caused by bad sailors.
There has been a number of owners during the years. We bought her from N.Wåler in desember 2006, and did some brush-up in the winter of 2007. Now she is in good shape and located in Risør.
Note received from Martin Elvestad on 31.03.08 - 16.04.2008 by Site Administrator
We are quite sure that the designer is Hans Groop. We heard from Matti Muoniovaara that she was build at the Still Yachts, Pietarsaari (FIN). Hope that that is correct.
She came into our ownership in desember 2006. Peter Preben will contribute with more details afterwards.
with regards

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5.5 GER 92 "Diva" - early August

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of NOR-045
Sail# Boat name Owner name
NOR-045 "Diva" Johan Sommerschield (1987-?)  
NOR-045 "Diva" N. Wåler (?-2006)  
NOR-045 "Diva" Martin Elvestad and Peter Preben Prebensen (2006-?)  
NOR-045 "Diva" Not disclosed (?-?)  
GER-092 "Diva" Not disclosed (2015-?)  
GER-092 "Diva" Not disclosed (2021-?)  

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