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Table of details and specifications of NOR-044
  Designer Warren Muir (Australia)
  Builder Warren Muir (Australia)
  Material Cold laminated wood
  1st certificate issued 1985-12-24
  Original boat name Footloose
  Original country NOR
  Original sail number 044
  Current location Hamburg, on her trailer, ready to travel (GER)


5.5 N-44 "Footloose" - 04.02.2010 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
Info from Warren Muir: 5.5 N-44 "Footloose" was built from the same design as 5.5 BA-13 "John B VII", which won the worlds in Australia in 1986.
NOR-044 - 31.12.2008 by jos motzheim
I bought the NOR-044 from Petter Fjeld, Norway in the winter of 2004. The boat was shipped to the Netherlands, to my hometown Lelystad by Petter. After a too long winter I could finally start with the restauration. See the pictures. I have hundreds more, because I made pictures of each and every detail. Early 2005 it was painted professionaly. We gave it the name Wirri-Wirri. I found this name more appropriate because she was built in Australia. Wirri-Wirri means "Whirlwind" in the aboriginal language ;-)We sail her at the Markermeer in the Netherlands. It still bears the olf NOR-044 number. I sailed it for a couple of years with my oldest boy, whom now started to study in Delft and we do not have the time anymore to sail the Wirri-Wirri. Therefore she is for sale. See the website and last picture for my e-mail address and phone number. Previous messages may be removed because it is clear that she is not the KA-043. The note of Sebastien Schmidt however is indeed correct. I still have his original drawings of a new rudder for the NOR-044. I bought this design from Petter Fjeld, but did not order a new rudder, but kept the old one. Regards Jos Motzheim, Lelystad The Netherlands. ++31-320264545
No sistership to KA-43 - 20.08.2008 by Matti Muoniovaara
These two boats N-44 and KA-43 are completely different boats. It can be read from the two certificates. They are different in all numbers.
L1 length N44 7.288 and KA43 is 7.343 , weights 1748 and 1765.
Sister-ship of AUS-043 ? - 20.08.2008 by Site Administrator
To be confirmed.
NOR 44 / Notes transferred - 15.08.2008 by Kaspar Stubenrauch

(NOR-44) shipped to The Netherland - 30.05.2008 by jos motzheim
Nangarina was sailed for a couple of years by Petter Fjeld untill 2003. The boat was at that time named FOKUS. On Februari 14th, 2004 Petter shipped the boat to our hometown Lelystad in the Netherlands and we bought it from him. I restored the boat carefully, also it was repainted professionally. It now bears the name Wirri-Wirri what means Whirlwind in the Aboriginal Language ;-) We sail it at the Markermeer. it still has the old number NOR-44. Jos Motzheim (owner)

First indications to be completed... - 12.02.2008 by Sebastien Schmidt
Light displacement for whom we designed a new rudder in summer 2003.

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5.5 GER 74 "Traumfänger" - winter storage

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of NOR-044
Sail# Boat name Owner name
NOR-044 "Footloose" John S. Platou (1985-?)  
NOR-044 "Just in time" Petter Fjeld (?-2004)  
NOR-044 "Wirri Wirri" Jos Motzheim (2004-2010)  
GER-074 "Traumf√§nger" Hans-Joachim Franzen (2010-?)  

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