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Table of details and specifications of NED-001
  Designer William de Vries Lentsch Jr. (NED)
  Builders G. de Vries Lentsch, Scheepswerf G. de Vries Lentsch en Werf Het Fort te Nieuwendam (NED)
  Material Mahogany on oak ribs
  1st certificate issued 1952
  Original boat name De Ruyter
  Original country NED
  Original sail number 001
  Current location Mikrolimano (YCG), Piraeus (GRE)


owners of the boat - 31.07.2008 by Tobias Isler
Owner SUI 17 Tabu M.A.Sprecher is wrong!
Third owner was:
A. Keller boat name FEDJA
Tobias Isler LIZZA owner since 1989
Olympics participant in 1952, Helsinki - 19.11.2007 by Site Administrator
13th/16 at the XV Olympics 1952 Helsinki, 13th/16 W. De Vries Lentsch Jr. De Ruyter H-1 14-8-11-12-14-10-12 1582
From the Dutch fleet website, please translate ! - 19.11.2007 by Site Administrator
De NED 1 is de eerste en enige 5.5 meter die zowel ontworpen als gebouwd is in Nederland. Het schip voer op de Olympische Spelen in 1952 in Helsinki als H1. Helaas heeft de klasseorganisatie geen idee waar dit schip zich momenteel bevindt. Iedere informatie over dit schip is welkom
Dates of ownership's changes - 19.11.2007 by Site Administrator
Warning : dates of ownership changes you could read her on the right are approximated on purpose and set up like this only to respect the chronological ownership order. So please share your precisions when you have some new ones !

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5.5 GRE 3 "LIZZA" - in Mikrolimano

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of NED-001
Sail# Boat name Owner name
NED-001 "De Ruyter" Syndicaat De Ruyter (1952-?)  
SUI-017 "Tabu" M. Schürch (1958-?)  
SUI-017 "Fedja" A. Keller (?-?)  
SUI-017 "Lizza" Tobias Isler (1989-2018)  
GRE-003 "Lizza" Stavros C. Papagiannopoulos (2018-?)  

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