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Table of details and specifications of ITA-024
  Designer Henri Copponex (SUI)
  Builders Louis Plojoux, Corsier-Port, Genève (SUI)
  Material Cedar wood, carvel planked
  1st certificate issued 1959
  Original boat name Posillipo III
  Original country ITA
  Original sail number 024
  Current location Lago Maggiore (ITA)


Information - 26.04.2008 by Matti Muoniovaara
M. Muoniovaara wrote the results of Olympics 1960 (below) in this form. The sail letters were E-1 (Eusebio Bertrand, Jorge Marti & Juan A. Rague). Source: Rome XVII Olympics, Yachting concurrents, 5.5 m. I. C.
Dr. Luigi Lang writes that Dalgra sailed there under Spanish flag. Also the same thing is in the film from Cowes World 5.5m Championship 1998. Marina Carpaneda tells the same as Dr. Lang. In his document Dr. Lang does not mention at all that the Italian 5.5 Ciocca III I-18 sailed as P-18 (Portugal, Duarte & Fernando Bello, Julio Gorinho). He might not have seen the 1960 concurrent list. That’s why I write that E-1 is I-24.
Details of the chartering (source Olypic results) - 26.04.2008 by Site Administrator
13th/19 at the XVII Olympics 1960 Napoli, Italy, Eusebio Bertrand Battlo, Jorge Marti Lluma, Juan Antonio Rague Giro, Posillipo III , E- (I-24), Henri Copponex 1959, 13-10-17-12-17-6-12, 2045p.
Notes received from Pierre Girard on 03.11.06 - 26.04.2008 by Site Administrator
Built at Corsier Port shipyard in 1959 for the club Posillipo of Napoli. Chartered by Spain for the Olympics 1960 as E-1.
Original drawings available - 26.04.2008 by Site Administrator
The following seven original drawings (all dated Aug.1958) are available for consultation at Le Musee du Leman in Nyon (see banner in home page).
Ref. HC021 & HC083, hull lines.
Ref. HC060, hull dimensions.
Ref. HC059, fin-keel dimensions.
Sailplan is the same as ref. HC094 of Sept.1956 for SUI-023, SUI-027, SUI-028 and ITA-022
Nota Bene about ownership - 26.04.2008 by Site Administrator
Ownership as mentionned here on the right is the status on 1st Oct. 2004 following the Italian register (source Alberto Dollinar 28.09.07).
Please feel free to add your own knowledges about original and previous owner's sequence.
Thanks in advance.

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ITA-24 Posillipo III

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of ITA-024
Sail# Boat name Owner name
ITA-024 "Posillipo III" Posillipo Club, Napoli (1959-?)  
ESP-001 "Posillipo III" Eusebio Bertrand Battlo (1960-1960)  
ITA-024 "Nennella" Circolo Nautico Posillipo (?-?)  
ITA-024 "Posillipo III" Claudio Governale (2004-?)  
ITA-024 "Posillipo III" Vittorio Pozzo (2014-?)  

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