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Table of details and specifications of GO_-016
  Designer Willi Lehmann (GO_)
  Builders Willi Lehmann, Yacht- und Bootswerft Gebr. Lehmann, Woltersdorf (GO_)
  Material Mahogany, carvel planked
  1st certificate issued 1965-08-25
  Original boat name Herz Dame
  Original country GO_
  Original sail number 016
  Current location Copenhagen (KAS), Oeresund (DEN)


5.5 GO 16 - additional history information - 29.12.2009 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
Research has reveiled, that the GDR stepped back from Olympic 5.5m racing after 1964, hence GO 16 was up for sale, prior to 1968. An article in "YACHT" magazine tells about an intent of a potential buyer from West-Berlin to enter the (Western) elimination races for the Acapulco ticket.
Olympics 1968 - 10.09.2008 by Dietmar Löhndorf
GO 16 Herz Dame was participating in the Eat German Olympic trials for Acapulco 1968, but did not make the internal qualification. After the end of the 5.5 in the Olympics the boat was sold in the early 1970th to West Germany. Now she is sailing for more than 40 years and has this winter (2007/2008) undergone a refit of the keel (shape of the keel was untouched) and hopefully gives her crew a lot of sailing fun for the next 40 years.

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GER 26 Willy Lehmann

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of GO_-016
Sail# Boat name Owner name
GO_-016 "Herz Dame" Willi Lehmann (1965-?)  
GER-026 "Willy Lehmann" Claus Jürgen Wulf (1985-?)  

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