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Table of details and specifications of GER-001
  Designer Henry Rasmussen (GER)
  Builders H. Rasmussen, Abeking & Rasmussen (GER)
  Material Mahogany, carvel planked
  1st certificate issued 1952-02-21
  Original boat name Tom Kyle
  Original country GER
  Original sail number 001
  Current location Kaltenhof, Kiel Firth (GER)


Abeking & Rasmussen / "Tom Kyle" 5.5 G 1 - 17.10.2007 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
"Tom Kyle" has been built in 1952 on order from Kieler Yacht Club (KYC) for the Olympic races in Helsinki 1952. This first German 5.5 was designed by Henry Rasmussen, owner of the boatyard Abeking & Rasmussen in Lemwerder, near Bremen. The boat is today owned by boatbuilder Dieter Stöhr, who is restoring her to original beauty.
Builders - 16.10.2007 by Site Administrator
Allright builder's names are Georg Abeking & Henry Rasmussen. This will be corrected as soon as we could do it ! See link page for details.
Historie / Besonderheiten : - 16.10.2007 by Site Administrator
Die Tom Kyle wurde 1952 vom Kieler Yacht Club für die Olympiade 1952 in Helsinki bei Abeking und Rasmussen in Auftrag gegeben. Es ist der erste in Deutschland gebaute 5.5'er, mit der Segelnummer G1. Henry Rasmussen hat ihn gezeichnet und wird bei der Yachtwerft Stoehr z.Z. umfangreich restauriert. (source Kaspar Stubenrauch)

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5.5 GER 1 "Tom Kyle"

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of GER-001
Sail# Boat name Owner name
GER-001 "Tom Kyle" Kieler Yacht Club (1952-1957)  
GER-001 "Windliese VII" Thomas Johann Gottfried Entz (1957-?)  
GER-001 "Christine" Not disclosed (1962-?)  
GER-001 "Tom Kyle" Dieter Stöhr (2001-?)  

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