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Table of details and specifications of FRA-038
  Designer Britton Chance Jr. (USA)
  Builders Hermann Egger, Egger H., St.Aubin (SUI)
  Material Mahogany, carvel planked
  1st certificate issued 1968
  Original boat name Cybèle II
  Original country FRA
  Original sail number 038
  Current location Noirmoutier, Pays de la Loire (FRA)


Translation of the note posted by Louis Pillon on 03.10.2007. - 28.06.2008 by Sebastien Schmidt
Warning, do not make confusions : J-M Le Guillou has been owner of Cybèle II (a Britton Chance Jr design with hull chines) for only ten days, because the boat was impossible to helm downwind. This boat has been straightaway bought by the FFYV (Federation Française de Y? V?), and Cybèle III has kept the sail number F-38. This is this last boat who became world champion in 1969.
Source : Interview of J-M Le Guillou.
Cybèle - 03.10.2007 by Louis Pillon
Attention aux confusions : J-M Le Guillou n'a été que 10 jours propriétaire de Cybèle II, un Britton Chance Jr à bouchains, car le bateau était intenable au portant. Ce bateau a été aussitôt racheté par la FFYV et Cybèle III a gardé le N° F 38. C'est ce dernier bateau qui a été champion du monde en 1969.
Source : Interview de J-M Le Guillou.
Result - 19.09.2007 by Sebastien Schmidt
World champion 1969 in Sandhamm with J.M. Le Guillou.
Origin - 19.09.2007 by Sebastien Schmidt
See FRA-34 Cybèle I. It seems that J.M. Le Guillou has ordered two boats to Hermann Egger almost at the same time, that makes confusion in the stories of these boats. To compare the rating certificate would help.

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5.5 FRA 38

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of FRA-038
Sail# Boat name Owner name
FRA-038 "Cybèle II" Jean E. Le Guillou (1968-1968)  
SUI-098 "Odyssée III" Jean Lauener (?-?)  
SUI-098 "Cybèle" Loic Gaussen (?-?)  
FRA-038 "Cybèle II" Arnaud Blandin, Noirmoutier (44) (?-?)  

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