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Table of details and specifications of FRA-034
  Designer Britton Chance Jr. (USA)
  Builders Hermann Egger, Egger H., St.Aubin (SUI)
  Material Mahogany, carvel planked
  1st certificate issued 1967-05-01
  Original boat name Cybèle
  Original country FRA
  Original sail number 034
  Current location Arcachon, Bassin d Arcachon (FRA)


Cybèle one F-34 - 11.11.2014 by Matti Muoniovaara
The first Cybèle (this boat) was a Britton Chance Jr. design #27a year 1965 for Jean Le Guillou. In Chance 5.5 list is only one Cybèle and it means just this boat. Third Cybèle F-34 (b) had the same sail letters and replaced Cybèle one and two. Cybèle three was the 1969 World 5.5 meter champion Sandhamn.
Maybe Jean E. Le Guillou (father of Jean-Marie)had the design 27a modified by Egger who built Cybèle third.
Two articles in the Swedish Sailing magazine Till Rors 16/1967 tell that 1967 built first Cybèle sailed in Scandinavia:
“The French 5.5 win in Sandhamn. The French win the three races for KSSS 5.5m Trophy in Sandhamn July 23-25. The winning boat Cybèle is designed by Britton Chance, built in Switzerland and represents Club Nautique de la Baule.” In the photo Cybèle sails with sail letters F-34 in the spinnaker and the mast has running backstays. “Other boats present were Fram III, Fung Shui, Twins XIV, Ca-Ro VI and John B4 besides the Swedish boats.”….”Cybèle was sailed by Jean-Marie (26), Thomas (22) and Nicolas (20) Le Guillou and they also won another KSSS Trophy.”
Next was Coppa d’Italia. “Crown Prince Harald won and sailed a series 1-1-2-1-2. The new French Chance construction Cybèle with young brothers Le Guillou took silver with a series 3-2-1-4-2. The Swedish Carioca II was third. Twins XIV of Max Oberti was fourth and the Finnish Ca-Ro VI was fifth. John B4 of Bobby Symonette, Web IV of Berntsen had to cancel racing. West German Herbert Scholl did not get his new Jussi Nemes (Vator) built boat (Corona) in time. …. The French Cybèle will be dangerous when the young brothers are more trained and learn to handle the spinnaker. …… Results: 1) Norway, Crown Prince Harald, Fram III N-27, 28.75 p, 2) France, J. Le Guillou, Cybèle (1) F-34, 22.25 p, 3) Sweden, P. Fredell, Carioca II S-41, 20 p, 4) Italy, Max Oberti, Twins XIV I-49, 17.25 p, 5) Finland, R. Jansson, Ca-Ro VI L-25, 11p.”
Le Guillou family had several 5.5s. The first, early sixties, was Ardilla F-18 an Ohlson design. Then 1965 WC and 66 WC Jean-Marie sailed Lord Jim F-28 and was 12th and 17th.
Then came the three Cybèle boats. More Le Guillou story at
Current owner found ! - 22.11.2010 by Sebastien Schmidt
Thursday 18. Nov. 2010, I met Mr. Xavier Tancogne from Arcachon (FRA). During the discussion about everything but the 5.5, he learned me he recently bough one, but he didn't remember the number exactly, so I showed him the Inventory, and after some minutes of investigations, Xavier saw the sixth photo of the gallery and said immediately "that's my boat in the harbour of Arcachon !" The legend of this picture is "The other Cybèle? To be checked... © G.Jaouen on 13.06.2008".
More news and precisions to come after further investigations...
FRA 34a is temporary SUI 93 - 23.03.2009 by François Bouvier
Before we can separate FRA 34a from FRA 34b, the FRA 34a Cybèle I will be filed under SUI 093. Any help to trace the history of both boats is welcomed.
Information - 29.01.2009 by Matti Muoniovaara
There was no World's in Hankö 1967. the Other Cybele #3 raced in World's 1969 in Sandhamn.
Hankö -67 - 27.01.2009 by Jens Busch
Le Guillou participated in Hankö with F 34 Cybele in 1967. But only in King Olav Cup and Landsregatta Horten, not in the World´s.
Homonymous boat, found in Arcachon - 13.06.2008 by Gurvan Jaouen
Not far from Don Salluste (SUI 76) is another 5,5 (beautifully varnished!) sailing in the Bassin of Arcachon in France with the same hull shape and also named Cybèle (owner Xavier Tancogne)...
Is she that boat or a close homonymous one? Amplifications to follow...

Origin - 19.09.2007 by Sebastien Schmidt
See FRA-38 Cybèle II. It seems that J.M. Le Guillou has ordered two boats to Hermann Egger almost at the same time, that makes confusion in the stories of these boats. To compare the rating certificate would help.

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The other Cybèle?

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of FRA-034
Sail# Boat name Owner name
FRA-034 "Cybèle" Jean E. Le Guillou (1967-1968)  
SUI-093 "Snark VI" Henry Wurlod (1972-?)  
FRA-034 "Cybèle" Xavier Tancogne (?-?)  

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