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Table of details and specifications of FRA-021
  Designer Einar Ohlson (SWE)
  Builders Oscar Schelin, Kungsörs Båtvarv AB (SWE)
  Material Mahogany, carvel planked
  1st certificate issued 1962
  Original boat name Arion
  Original country FRA
  Original sail number 021
  Current location Lake of Geneva (FRA)


Sagamore / Note translation by G. Jaouen - 07.11.2016 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
Bought from Penther brothers at the beginnning of the 80s, this fantastic 5.5 has been owned for a while by Jean-Luc Boucher, son of a Naval officer and a great sailor, who christened her "Sagamore". He sailed her a lot off Benodet and Sainte Marine, close to Glenan Islands in southern Brittany. Damaged at Pichavant boatyard, after long and sad legal battles between insurers, she came finally into Pichavant's hands.
Sagamore - 23.04.2012 by Grégoire Boucher
Acheté aux frères Penther au début des années 1980, cet exceptionnel 5.50 a été la propriété de Jean-Luc Boucher, fils d'Officier de Marine et grand amoureux de la voile, qui l'a nommé Sagamore, et qui a beaucoup navigué avec au large de Sainte Marine, en plein pays bigouden, non loin des Glenan.
Accidenté aux chantiers Pichavant, il fut l'objet de tristes bagarres d'assureurs et finit par être récupéré par Pichavant.
Other name and owners... - 18.08.2009 by Gurvan Jaouen
At a time she was christened "Bagheera" and owned by PENTHER brothers.

Then she became "Bijou Bihan" (when exactly is not known yet).
Her owners were the followings:

Jacques PICHAVANT ( ? - 1992)
Bernard PORTERES (1992 - ?)

In 1995 she was offered for sale at Moinard's yard at la Rochelle.
5.5 F-21 / origin + name - 01.05.2008 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
Kungsörs is stating an "Arion" to have been delivered to France in 1962 and a French list from the early 60' is stating F-21 to be "Arion", built 1961, owner: Marteau d'Autry, Paris
FRA 21 Sagamore - 09.10.2007 by Liberman Maurice
The first name of FRA 21 was Sagamore, and she got this name back in 1999 when Laurence FONTAINE became her new owner.
She was buildt by Kûngsors batvarv in Sweden
Names - 28.09.2007 by Matti Muoniovaara
This boat could have names: Arion, Bagheera, Sagamore (the last name)

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FRA 21

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of FRA-021
Sail# Boat name Owner name
FRA-021 "Arion" Marteau d'Autry (1962-?)  
FRA-021 "Sagamore" Fontaine Laurence (?-?)  

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