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Table of details and specifications of FRA-019
  Designer Henri Copponex (SUI)
  Builders Louis Plojoux, Corsier-Port, Genève (SUI)
  Material Mahogany, carvel planked
  1st certificate issued 1961-00-00
  Original boat name Gilliat VII
  Original country FRA
  Original sail number 019
  Current location Lorient, Brittany (FRA)


Ownership adjustment - 01.07.2008 by Gurvan Jaouen
Some details are still to clear, but jean-François Mahé was already owning Limbé in 1975, she was sailing in the mouth of the Rance river, in vicinity of Dinard and St Malo in northern Brittany.
Original drawings are "consultable" - 04.10.2007 by Sebastien Schmidt
The following seven original drawings are available for consultation at Le Musee du Leman in Nyon (see Links page). They are mentionned as "Gilliat VI", Albert Cadot, Le Havre, Paris, and dated from October 1960 to July 1961
Ref. HC075 and HC118, sail plan.
Ref. HC031, hull lines.
Ref. HC050, hull dimensions.
Ref. HC051, fin-keel dimensions.
Ref. HC089, mainsail track and traveller.
Ref. HC036, mast fitting.
More data on FRA 19 / Info from the current owner Gurvan Jaouen - 25.09.2007 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
FRA 19 is currently named "Korrigan", she is a design from H. Copponex of 1961. She was built by Corsier-Port under the name of "Gilliat
VII" for Mr Cadot, a breton sailer who previously owned the first built 5,5 "Gilliat IV" (5.5 - F 1). "Korrigan" was his last 5,5 boat. Her second (or third?) owner re-nammed her "Limbé", and sailed for times in the south of France and Monaco. The following one, Mr Lebeau brought her back sailing in Brittany
and sold to me in 2004. F 19 is her original sail number. Gurvan Jaouen
Information - 17.09.2007 by Sebastien Schmidt
May be a Henri Copponex design of Corsier Port shipyard ?

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5.5 FRA 19 "Korrigan" - in Benodet

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of FRA-019
Sail# Boat name Owner name
FRA-019 "Gilliat VII" Albert Cadot (1961-?)  
FRA-019 "Limbé" jean-François MAHE (?-1990)  
FRA-019 "Limbé" Alain LEBEAU (1990-2004)  
FRA-019 "Korrigan" Gurvan JAOUEN (2004-?)  

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