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Table of details and specifications of FIN-019
  Designer K. Albin Johansson (FIN)
  Builders , Salmisaaren veneveistämö (FIN)
  1st certificate issued 1957
  Original boat name Caro IV
  Original country FIN
  Original sail number 019
  Current location Boat lost, chainsaw victim, in 1996


Message received from Matias Johansson, 5. February 2011 - 24.02.2011 by Site Administrator
Hi Sebastian,
please add FIN-019 "Caro IV" to 5.5 inventory. She was designed by K. Albin Johansson (just like FIN-021) and build by Salmisaaren
veneveistämö in Helsinki in 1957. LOA 9,820 m, beam 1,920 m and draft 1,331 m. Her first owner was Robert Jansson, like all the boats in the Ca-Ro -series.
I think she is the last boat still missing from all those who have belonged to the Finnish fleet. Her current location is unknown.
Best regards,
Matias Johansson

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Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of FIN-019
Sail# Boat name Owner name
FIN-019 "Caro IV" Robert Jansson (1957-?)  

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