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Table of details and specifications of FIN-001
  Designer Tore Holm (SWE)
  Builders E. Blomqvist, Porvoo, Blomqvist E., Porvoo (FIN)
  Material Mahogany, carvel planked
  1st certificate issued 1950
  Original boat name Gullvinge
  Original country FIN
  Original sail number 001
  Current location Ristiina (Ristiinan Pursiseura RPS), Southern Savonia (FIN)


Gullvinge today - 29.10.2007 by Rami Wessman
Gullvinge is under a massive restoration. The hull is in very good condition, but the deck... We´ll have to change all the deck beams and make a new plywood deck for Her. A new mast is allready found (or tube). I just saw that Finland has got the honours to arrange the -08 Europeans, so maybe and i mean maybe! You´ll find us from the participant list for classics ; )

Information - 17.09.2007 by Sebastien Schmidt
Chartered by Argentina for the XV Olympics 1952 Helsinki, 5th/16, R. Vollenweider Gullvinge A-1(L 1) Tore Holm 1950 3-9-4-7-2-7-6 3982

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Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of FIN-001
Sail# Boat name Owner name
FIN-001 "Gullvinge" HSS kons. (1950-?)  
ARG-001 "Gullvinge" R. Vollenweider (?-?)  
FIN-001 "Gullvinge" unknown, Turku (?-?)  
FIN-001 "Gullvinge" Ilmari Virtanen (2006-?)  
FIN-001 "Gullvinge" Rami Wessman (2006-?)  
FIN-001 "Gullvinge" Pekko Räsänen (2020-?)  

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