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Table of details and specifications of DEN-002
  Designer Tore Holm (SWE)
  Builders Georg Andersen, Baadebygger G. Andersen (DEN)
  Material Mahogany, carvel planked
  1st certificate issued 1951-06-14
  Original boat name Jill
  Original country DEN
  Original sail number 002
  Current location Midland (MBSC), Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, Ontario (CAN)


5.5 CAN 3 "Jill" - in full restoration - 23.01.2022 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
Jason is reporting on 5.5 CAN 3:
Jill’s restoration is going well. I have removed all the previously replaced dead wood and cleaned 90% of the 2” thick wood for reuse. Finding two broken keel bolts, I removed the remaining five. All are being replaced in stainless. I enlarged the second and third keel bolts to one inch from three quarter to replace the lifting eye that had been torn out. The stainless rod is at the tool and dye guy, now being threaded. The floor bolts were under sized with threaded rod so they too are being replaced in stainless, the longest is thirty-four inches long. The white oak has arrived and is already being cut to fit and extend the rest of the keelson for the stem to mount onto. The top of the floors will be saved but everything in the deep bilge including the rib ends, bottom of the floors and planking need to be replaced with all new materials. Next the floor bottoms will be laminated and shaped. All the floor and keel bolts will be dry fit with wood in place, then disassembled and then glued all together. I hope in February to be working on the rudder post and stem at the same time which leaves the horn timber and planking to be worked on in April. The boat will need splining and paint as well.
5.5 CAN 3 "Jill" - in restoration - 21.12.2021 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
For her 70th anniversary the boat has gone into a full fledged restoration process. More to be told successively, in the document section.
5.5 CAN 3 "Jill Dansk" - almost ready to go - 28.05.2013 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
John Lister reports from Canada:
"... "Jill Dansk" coming back to life. The hull and deck were nicely refinished. I am just helping to get the fittings on her. Hope to see her sail in about two weeks..."
5.5 CAN 3 - in restoration - 10.11.2012 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
John Lister reports from Canada: "...Jill Dansk’s history is not well documented (yet) but in more recent years she was owned by Larry Guardhouse of Thornbury, Ontario (1.5 hours north of Toronto) on Georgian Bay. At one point Larry had the boat renewed by professionals in Thornbury where her hull was epoxy coated and splined. Larry recently sold the boat to Gil Letourneau who lives near Collingwood, Ontario. Larry then sold the boat to John Lister of Midland, Ontario. Lister passed the boat on to Ken MacDonald who is currently in the process of renewing the boat and hopes to launch her in 2013..."
A visit to "Jill Dansk" - 26.12.2011 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
John Lister reports from Ontario:
"...I did get over to visit Jill Dansk.... The boat is in okay shape but in need of serious work as a tree had fallen on the stern deck resulting in 8 planks having been broken in the aft section. I also suspect the keelsum and much of the deadwood is rotten and in need of replacement. At some point in her recent past she was epoxyied and in my opinion should all be removed. She seems very original in her layout and hardware.
The boat is currently owned by 4 nice guys.... and she is sitting in a field with a rotting tarp over her. I explained that she needs to get indoors and out of the weather or otherwise she will die....I plan to follow-up to connect them to the 5.5 website as well as encourage them again to get the boat into a barn.
The mast is a good looking section and she sits on a new trailer.
5.5 D-2 "Jill" - Gone to Canada? - 19.03.2009 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
"Jill" was presumably exported to Canada.

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5.5 CAN 3 "Jill" - in Midland

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of DEN-002
Sail# Boat name Owner name
DEN-002 "Jill" Poul Ohff (1951-?)  
CAN-003 "Jill" Cliff Richardson (?-?)  
CAN-003 "Jill" John Lister (2012-?)  
CAN-003 "Jill" Ken MacDonald (2012-?)  
CAN-003 "Jill" Not disclosed (2016-?)  
CAN-003 "Jill" Jason Williams (2021-?)  

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