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Table of details and specifications of AUT-001
  Designers Ted Hood Sr. (USA), Knud H. Reimers (SWE), . Leidenfrost
  Builder Roland Prechtl (AUT)
  Material Larch
  1st certificate issued 1954-05-09
  Original boat name Lucky Chance
  Original country AUT
  Original sail number 001
  Current location Muhr (YCAG), Altmühlsee (GER)


"Lucky Chance" - by R. Prechtl - 02.05.2008 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
Roland Prechtl, owner of "Lucky Chance", has passed further information about the boat:

"The boat was built in 1954 in Hard near Bregenz, using larch wood. I sailed "Lucky Chance" during an apprenticeship in Stockholm and have sailed her crisscross the Baltic Sea, almost reaching Leningrad (St. Petersburg).
The boat was sold in 1961 and went to Dornbirn and later to Wolfgangsee. Originally she had a cabin and was a doubleender. In international racing in Sandhamn, I had no chances with my cotton sails and was given a set of Ratsay Laptop sails by the American M. Flame. The rigg had to be changed, the calculatiosn were made, at no charge, by Knud Reimers. The cabin was taken off and the double-end-stern was cut off, to meet the right measurenment."


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5.5 GER 71 "Lucky Chance" - at her new home

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of AUT-001
Sail# Boat name Owner name
AUT-001 "Lucky Chance" Roland Prechtl (1954-1961)  
AUT-001 "Aspe" . Wratzfeld (1961-?)  
AUT-001 "Totila II" Friedrich Ittner (?-?)  
GER-071 "Lucky Chance" Not disclosed (2010-?)  
GER-071 "Lucky Chance" Not disclosed (2019-?)  

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