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Table of details and specifications of AUS-028
  Designers Ernest B. Fay, Alfred Edward "Bill" Luders Jr. (USA)
  Builders I.J. Perdriau, Ian J. Perdriau, Sydney (AUS)
  Material Mahogany, double carvel planked
  1st certificate issued 1972-12-01
  Original boat name Arunga
  Original country AUS
  Original sail number 028
  Current location Åkersberga, Stockholm Skerries (SWE)


5.5 NOR 39 "Arunga" - to become SWE 59 again - 01.06.2020 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
Following a crowd funding project, to which many 5.5m sailors from Australia, Europe and North America have generously contributed, the boat is safe and will be picked up, as soon as the border between Norway and Sweden will reopen. Then, a complete renovation will be next, arranged by Mats Nelson.
5.5 NOR 39 - 20.12.2019 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
This famous Frank Tolhurst boat (KA 28) is in desperate need for restoration. This will be going far beyond TLC and does require a substantial budget. If the saviour is not found by late European springtime, dismantling & sale of the lead will be the sad consequence.
More info & images: skipper<at>
Designer - 18.03.2008 by Matti Muoniovaara
All 5.5s with the 'canoe bow' were actually designed by Luders. He did the designs with collaboration with Ernest B. Fay. The idea of the 'canoe bow' might have been Ernie's idea. All canoe bow desings are found in the Luders drawing archives.
Email received from Jens Busch, 12.02.08 - 12.02.2008 by Site Administrator
About SWE 59: Obviously the original name and number was Arunga KA 28 (not Arunga 2 as I wrote, sorry about that)
Frank Tolhurst had the boat built by Ian Perdrian in Australia. She is made of double planking mahogany.
Tolhurst won the Worlds, the Gold Cup and the King Olav Cup in Norway in 1976 with Arunga.
After that the boat was sold to Lars-Göran "Lasse" Johnsson in Gothenburg, Sweden, and got the number SWE 59. He and his brother Bertil had the boat 1977 - 1980.
In 1980 I bought Arunga. I won the King Olav Cup in 1980 in Norway and was 5th in the Europeans in Benodet, France, the same year.
In 1983 I finished second in the Worlds in Hankö, Norway (with Pontus Frösell and Rickard Sterner crewing)
The boats name was still Arunga.
Then I sold the boat to Henning Bull J:r in Norway, and according to your list the boat got the number NOR 39.
I hope this will claryfie the history of the Arunga!
Arunga II is an Etchell ? - 10.02.2008 by Site Administrator
Following Matti's notes, this boat is Arunga, the #II was an Etchell with which Tolhurst won the Etchells World Championship 1978.
Dates of ownership's changes - 10.02.2008 by Site Administrator
Warning : dates of ownership changes you could read her on the right are approximated on purpose and set up like this only to respect the chronological ownership order. So please share your precisions when you have some new ones !
S 59 "Arunga" - sold to Norway - 10.02.2008 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
According to a Swedish 5.5m list from the end of the 80's, S 59 "Arunga" was sold to Norway.
Source of infos : Swedish register - 10.02.2008 by Site Administrator
Received from Jens Busch, Lidingö, Sweden on 1st Jan.08.
KA 28, S 59 "Arunga II", Fay bros, F.Tolhurst, Peridrian, dec 1972, 1st WCh –76; Johnson bros, 1st Gold Cup –76; J Busch, 1st KOC –80; H Bull Jr, 5th EurCh –80

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5.5 SWE 59 "Arunga" - hull

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of AUS-028
Sail# Boat name Owner name
AUS-028 "Arunga" Frank Tolhurst (1972-1976)  
SWE-059 "Arunga" Lars-Göran "Lasse" Johnsson (1977-1980)  
SWE-059 "Arunga" Jens Busch (1980-1985)  
NOR-039 "Arunga" Henning Bull Jr (1985-?)  
NOR-039 "Arunga" Not disclosed (?-?)  
SWE-059 "Arunga" Mats Nelson (2020-?)  

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