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Table of details and specifications of AUS-017
  Designer Alfred Edward "Bill" Luders Jr. (USA)
  Builder Minter & Balkwell (AUS)
  Material Honduras mahogany, carvel planked
  1st certificate issued 1964-02-00
  Original boat name Jabiru
  Original country AUS
  Original sail number 017
  Current location Boat lost; sank, was recovered, but resulted a wreck


KA 14 & KA 17 - boatyards - 09.11.2017 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
Warren Muir reports:
Barrenjoey was built by Jeff Clist in Black Wattle bay, Sydney, I was the boatbuilding apprentice working on Barrenjoey at the time of construction. Hence, not next to KA-17, which was an earlier assumption.
5.5 KA-17 27.10 2015 By Roger Johnston - 27.10.2015 by Roger Johnston
Jabiru still lives. Or at least part of it. I have the bow section of the boat that my brother once owned back in the 1990's. I remember working on Jabiru. We removed the rigging and parked it in the garage at The Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron.
Stripped the hull back and resplined it. It was then a question of the best colour and we didn't want to go too red with the Mahogany so we mixed a batch of Teak and Mahogany stain which gave it a deep red/Maroon colour to the timber. Sprayed on 8 coats of Feast Watson marine varnish with a white water line and black Duvoe 77. It looked like a work of art.

One Saturday when it was ready to bring out of the hangar my brother looked up to see all the gentry drinking up on the top deck of the squadron. It was a gathering of all the club commodores from the surrounding sydney clubs all in their blue jackets and brass buttons. So we though yeah lets push this baby out and show them what a real boat looks like.
We rolled it out onto the hard stand in front of the whole club to see. What a show. They all came down and next thing you know we had a drinks party down by the boat. So this guy turns up and says to my brother. I built her.
It was Ron Baulkwell.
From memory he said Jabiru was built along side Barrenjoey which went on to win the 1964 Olympics 5.5 mtr class.
He felt Jabiru was the faster of the two but the crew of Jabiru in his opinion were no match for the crew of Barrenjoey. So thats how it went.

I will attach a few photos' of Jabiru's nose under reconstruction and soon to be launched into my lounge room.

Cheers and grab your beers.

5.5 KA-17 - 25.07.2010 by Hugh Ferrar
Jabiru was beautifully made of Honduras Mahogany. She is now sadly deceased, having been struck on her mooring one night in 2008 (?), and sinking pretty quickly.
5.5 KA-17 Jabiru - correction - 25.07.2010 by Hugh Ferrar
Apologies. The earliest rating certificate I have is dated February 1967, not 1964.
5.5 KA-17 - 25.07.2010 by Hugh Ferrar
Completed in February 1964. The rating certificate of that date notes the name as "Vanessa" and owner as L. Easy, of Sydney.
She was still called "Vanessa" in January 1974, when the owner was M. Clark.
5.5 KA-17 - 06.03.2010 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
Warren Muir informs: KA-17, "Jabiru". Designed by A.E. (Bill) Luders, built by Minter and Balkwell and owned by Jack Carr along with Ross Davies. Name was changed later to Vanessa.

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5.5 AUS 17 - Jabiru

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