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Table of details and specifications of RUS-082
  Designer unknown
  Builders Trade Union, Experimental Boatyard Leningrad (RUS)
  1st certificate issued 1959
  Original boat name Argo
  Original country RUS
  Original sail number 082
  Current location


Not ITA-30 - 19.02.2016 by Andrea Rossi
Matti is right, I double checked ITA-36 and she was named Argo in 1965-1967.
my 1965 result lis has no sailnumbers, Argo did not tell anithing to me and I guessed she could be the ITA-30 still missing...
Argo ITA-36 - 19.02.2016 by Matti Muoniovaara
From a US source I have a list of boats and results of the Naples 1965 World Championship.
In the list there is I-36 and name Argo but no designer or year built. I-36 is also Manuela V (R. Hunt) built 1961. I-40 Manuela VI was in the WC! Does Andrea Rossi have a list of boats for that WC and the sail letters are I-30?
In one document Luigi Lang writes about I-36: "24/11/62 Nennella III armatore Gualberto Fabrini (C. N. Posillipo) - 23/5/65 Argo - 27/2/67 Ing. Antonino Zingali (C.Canot. Tevere Remo) - dal 1982 al 1999: Marco Castiglione di Napoli con porto di armamento a Ischia 1999: Guido Tommasi; porto di armamento Marina di Carrara."
5.5 SR-82 "Argo" to become 5.5 I-30? - 18.02.2016 by Kaspar Stubenrauch
Andrea Rossi reports on 5.5 I-30 "Argo" racing in the World's 1965 in Naples (30/34). As no Italian boat with the name "Argo" has been known before, the assumption follows, that possibly 5.5 SR-82 "Argo" was sold to Italy. Anyone having information to prove or amend this assumption is welcome to comment.

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