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Table of details and specifications of FIN-035
  Designer Eivind Still (FIN)
  Builders Still, Still Yachts, Pietarsaari (FIN)
  Material GRP
  1st certificate issued 1989
  Original boat name Addam
  Original country FIN
  Original sail number 035
  Current location Risør, Skagerrak (NOR)


Developement - 09.12.2016 by Peter Preben Prebensen
After Addams first full season in Norway in 2009, Rients van der Woude joined the crew. The Winter of 2009/2010 Addam underwent quite a substantial refit under the supervision of Rients. The hull was in excellent condition, but the rigging, both standing and running was replaced. We also did a job on the keel.
Addam now worked like a clock, and had a lot of fine-tuning possibilities, which made her very easy to handle.
The summer of 2011 she could once again return to Helsinki for the World Cup.
NOR 67 Addam - 24.03.2011 by Peter Preben Prebensen
Halfrid Waage and Anne-Helene Elvestad bought Goddam from Australia in 2008. She is now located in Risør and sails under her origional name Addam
Information - 17.09.2007 by Sebastien Schmidt
became AUS-58

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Rients van der Woude sends his greetings

Ownership history

Table of the history of sail number, name and ownership of FIN-035
Sail# Boat name Owner name
FIN-035 "Addam" Johan & Peter Gullichsen & Fazer (1989-?)  
FIN-035 "Addam" Peter Fazer (1989-1995)  
FIN-035 "Addam" Johan Gullichsen (1989-1995)  
FIN-035 "Addam" Robert Mattson (1989-1995)  
FIN-035 "Goddam" Peter Andreas Matias Tallberg (1995-1996)  
FIN-035 "Goddam" Matias Tallberg (1996-1998)  
FIN-035 "Goddam" Jorma Savolainen (1998-2004)  
AUS-058 "Goddam" Robert Fielding (2004-2008)  
NOR-067 "Addam" Halfrid Waage & Anne-Helene Elvestad (2008-?)  

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